EEMA urges the Government for the re-opening of events


13 September 2020: During a recent Webinar, the Events and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) has urged the Government for the re-opening of events in India. Roshan Abbas, President of EEMA presented the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to the government for organising various events including event political events, corporate events, urban activations, with all safety measures in place. During the webinar, the SOP was released by the Special Guest of Honour, Valsa Singh Nair, Principal Secretary, Tourism & Culture, Govt. of Maharashtra. According to EEMA, the webinar was attended by over 12,000 people from the industry across all social platforms.

Meanwhile, EEMA has started an online campaign on all social media #OpenSafeEvents2SaveEvents, inviting companies and associations and trade unions to join the movement to urge the government to prioritize the reopening of the event industry to help the industry to survive.

These SOPs have been documented over the last few weeks taking into account guidelines issued by the Government and multiple global associations. With the release of the guidelines, EEMA is working towards reopening the sector further. Among its recommendations are enhanced protocols related to sanitisation, cleaning, hygiene, attendee management, venue requirements etc.

In his presentation, Roshan Abbas highlighted that the Indian events industry which was steadily growing on a double-digit growth rate industry has taken a big hit owing to Covid-19 pandemic. He said that with the announcement of unlock 4.0 phase, the government has allowed many industries to resume their work. However, some major sectors including events have not been allowed to resume.”

EEMA has formed a Special COVID 19 task force led by the General Secretary Siddhartha Chaturvedi to assist India’s hard-hit live business to resume activity as soon and as safely as possible, following local government regulations.

Indian event Industry has grown exponentially over the last two decades with over 1,000 entities operating in this space, in various segments and levels across 100+ cities in India. The exhibitions and trade shows industry is expected to cross Rs 15,000 crore while the unorganised sector including social events is estimated to be another Rs 15,000 crore.

However, as reported, the events industry, which had come to a standstill due to the Covid-19 related restrictions has already lost around 40,000 crore as per various estimates. In all, over 10 million people have been directly affected due to the crisis and are losing jobs and livelihood.

So, keeping the above in mind, the event industry through its apex body EEMA has pleaded the government for assistance through various SOS measures including the delay of tax pay-outs, moratoriums on loans and urgent pay-outs, tax reductions and collateral-free loans.