EU Exhibition Industry Recovery Plans


26 January 2021: As EU member states work on their recovery plans to be handed in to the European Commission, the recovery fund and budget for the upcoming years remain blocked.

Nonetheless, we encourage all members to submit their demands and needs, ideally connected to the travel and tourism industry, to their national governments to be mentioned in official recovery plans, so you can benefit from support when available. Be as precise as possible, and include any investments and plans for digitisation and sustainability.

Ideally, connecting with your national association for the exhibition industry or on a regional level, with your city traffic, hotels and the local tourism and convention boards could help to shape larger sector-specific or cross-sectoral plans, which will be more likely to be considered. Here is a description with examples for the travel and tourism sector and links to some draft national plans. The last weeks of EU-UK negotiations are taking place to reach a future agreement with the aim of avoiding a hard Brexit.

While most European countries are still locked down to get infection rates under control, the European Commission has adopted a recommendation on the use of rapid antigen tests for diagnosing COVID-19. It has also called for validation and mutual recognition of tests and their results, in order to facilitate cross-border movement. This is an important step for the upcoming period, and provides an outlook for resuming travel within Europe. Access the document here.

Concerning travel restrictions and resuming international travel, the European Commission has issued guidance to implement the Council’s recommendation with regard to persons exempt from the temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU.

We were able to draw attention to the exhibition industry so that the paragraph on business purposes now includes attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions. This opens up sales perspectives for international shows in Europe! Access the document here.

The EEIA has also joined forces with the travel industry to advocate for an e-health card or app, now that evidence of medical issues (e.g. COVID-19 test results or vaccinations) will be required for travel purposes. Such a (ideally global) solution could not only facilitate safe, seamless and contactless travel but also access to exhibitions and events. IATA is leading the discussion about this with governments around the world.

Source: UFI Newsletter