ITB Asia and the Singapore Tourism Board hosted “TravelRevive”


26 January 2021: Singapore is reopening for business events, following a staggered approach. In the last week on November, ITB Asia and the Singapore Tourism Board hosted TravelRevive, an international two-day tradeshow and conference for the travel and tourism industry, billed as the first international travel tradeshow to take place physically in Asia Pacific since Covid-19.

Close to 1,000 participants took part, with international participants flying in from Asia and Europe, including UFI Managing Director and CEO Kai Hattendorf. Explaining the thinking behind Singapore’s approach, Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said “We are not waiting for a vaccine to arrive, nor are we waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to blow over. Instead, we are establishing the foundations now and getting started on the journey to reinvent and rebuild the industry.”

Singapore’s approach is to put “testing over quarantine”, to allow for international events to run smoothly – an approach UFI is advocating for globally. “I was tested after at the airport on arrival in Singapore, and then did a rapid antigen test each morning before accessing the event”, summarises Kai Hattendorf. “Combined with the other measures in place, like the grouping ofparticipants, the use of masks and the general social distancing rules, it created a sense of safety for everyone. The measures surely somewhat limit the usual experience, but they do allow for safe business and meetings to take place.”

All the elements – from group (“cohort”) sizes to show floor capacity calculations – at the event were set up to be scaleable, giving authorities and organisers good metrics to work with as show sizes can be adjusted related to the respective Covid regulatory framework in place. In essence, the show floor works almost like a flowcharts for staggered audience flow. And the key metric for success is not the number of visitors, or the size of the show floor – it’s the contacts and leads generated.

On stage during two sessions over the two day programme, Kai Hattendorf highlighted the role exhibitions and business events will play for the recovery and positioning of countries and regions as we overcome the impact of the pandemic.

Source: UFI Newsletter