Study on COVID-19’s economic impact on Households Engaged in Tourism

Study on COVID-19’s economic impactEvna

02 April 2021: Ministry of Tourism has engaged National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) to conduct study on “India and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Economic Losses for Households Engaged in Tourism and Policies for Recovery”.

The study will quantify the sector-wise (or industry-wise) direct and indirect impact of tourism activities on overall economy, as a whole and especially on household income, which may be further disaggregated into different types of households like formal and informal. The study will quantify the sector-wise and overall loss in income of the economy and of the household sector and also the loss in jobs, due to the impact of Coronavirus pandemic on the tourism sector.

According to the Tourism Ministry, the study will estimate the impact of gradual opening up of domestic tourism activities and of the sectors related to tourism; Estimate the likely impact of opening of international tourism, in the phased manner.

Finally, policy measures appropriate to provide relief to the tourism sector, in general and households involved in tourism related activities, in particular would be formulated.