Telangana Govt to undertake international tourism development in Warangal


11 August 2020: The Jayashankar Bhoopalpalli district in Telangana has chalked out a plan to develop more places in Warangal as tourist destination. During the recent Tourism Development Council meeting, the Jayashankar Bhoopalpally District Collector Mohd Abdul Azeem has reportedly said that Warangal District authority has come out with their developmental plans as there various natural attractions such as rock formations and caves, water streams and temples which need to be given a face lift. Some of the places are thousands of years old.

The District Tourism Development Council will soon make a specific plan for each of the places. The Pandavulu guttalu in Regonda Mandal and other places were developed over a period of seven years and they are attracting a large number of tourists. The caves in Kotagulla in Ghanpur Mandal, the Mallaram caves in Malharrao Mandal, the Jain caves, Kaapuram hills and Godavari river area near Mahadevpur mandal have been identified for development. At Pandavula gutta, 4,000 acres of land is available and the natural caves formations can be further developed for tourism. At many places, rock climbing, night camping and trekking facilities have been provided in the district.

Warangal is one of the eleven cities in the country to have been chosen for the Government of India’s Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme.

History has it that during the Kakatiya reign, the capital of their kingdom was named ‘Orugallu’ which was later on called as ‘’Warangal’. Warangal was the ancient capital of Kakatiya dynasty, and was ruled by many kings and Rani Rurdrama Devi, the only woman ruler of those times.