IEE Expo and E2 Forum 2022 to Highlight Transformative Technology in Elevator and Escalator Industry


17 June 2022: Demand for faster, safer and intelligent elevators is increasing day by day fueled by increasing population of high-rises, metro and other large infrastructure projects. Even in tier 2 cities, the demand for elevators has grown significantly overtime accompanied by enhanced standard of living. Along with improving standard of technology and innovation in elevator systems, safety standards need to be more meticulously maintained.

While periodic maintenance is staple, a majority of elevator accidents can be avoided by replacing older models with sophisticated elevator technologies which are advanced and way more reliable. Another major factor in maintaining elevator safety is the quality of components. It is crucial to use authentic components from licensed OEMs when repairing an elevator instead of spurious counterparts which can seriously compromise the safety and integrity of elevator systems.

Smart elevators are also turning out to be a game changer in implementing safe, smooth and reliable vertical transportation in modern buildings. Equipped with IoT-enabled intelligent systems, smart elevators can pre-determine faults that might arise in the system and notify the authorities beforehand. Furthermore, they also have the potential to make mobility much faster. For instance, some smart elevators can sense proximity of approaching individuals through their mobile or any connected device and by analyzing their preset record it can also book an elevator for them in advance.

IEE Expo is a platform where the elevator industry and realty sector’s elite can witness evolution in elevator and escalator space. Slated to be held from 06-08 September 2022 at JIO World Convention Centre (JWCC), IEE Expo 2022 has garnered support from Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs alongside All India Lift Upliftment Federation (AILUF), Karnataka Elevator Manufacturers Association (KEMA) and Gujarat Elevator Association.

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