Saudi Arabia’s First and Region’s Largest Water Theme Park Gets Ready

Falcon’s Beyond

18 May 2022: Saudi Arabia will soon become home to the country’s first and the region’s largest water theme park that is currently under development at Qiddiya – the future Capital of Entertainment, Sports and Culture, situated on the outskirts of Saudi capital, Riyadh. Falcon’s Creative Group, a sector of Falcon’s Beyond, revealed it developed the park’s master plan, in conjunction with Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC).

With multiple unprecedented themed and immersive water attractions, Falcon’s master plan for the project alters the vision for future water theme parks. The year-round park will span across more than 252,000 square meters and feature 22 rides and attractions, including nine that will be world firsts. It will also be the only water theme park in the world that offers a unique mix of dry and wet rides as well as state-of-the-art, competition-level facilities for water sports enthusiasts including the first-ever surfing and white-water rafting experiences as well as 17 F&B and retail outlets.

Visitors will experience nine innovatively designed zones – the Entry Gate, Camel Rock, Dub Grotto, Wave Wadi, the Den, Viper Canyon, Arabian Peak, the Herding Grounds, and Surf Lagoon – inspired by the native animals that inhabit the area around Qiddiya. The experience of each ride will reflect the attributes of the creature for which each is named. For example, based on the aggressive snake, Viper Canyon will feature some of the most thrilling rides, while Dub Grotto, branded for the curious, playful dub lizard, will be home to an energetic water playground for children.

QIC recently awarded a $750 million construction contract to ALEC Saudi Arabia Engineering & Contracting and El Seif Engineering Contracting (in a joint venture between the two companies) to build the Qiddiya Water Theme Park.